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How to give up gracefully (a self help guide)

April 26, 2012

So, you decide to give up. I commend you for this courageous decision. This requires you to ignore the opinions of others for a while, and once commenced it should be committed to fully. No more backpedalling into your old habits of worrying about rent payments and social status. Forget about it, it’s unbecoming of a person who does not give a hoot.

So, what should be your initial leap into resignation? Start by making a list to get your new life started. Then throw the list away, because it’s integral to giving up that you give up this sort of nonsense too. Also, you should refrain from reading tips like the tips I’m giving you now on how to live your life. I mean honestly, it’s hardly graceful to be struggling with insecurities about your own choices after having totally given up, it just shows you haven’t given up yet!

Graceful is what a cat is, and the cat does not plan or take my advice on anything. It comes and goes as it pleases, sometimes giving me a dead mouse as a gift, but that’s it. I like him because he does not bug me about his neuroses like a dog. He is friendly and impulsive, like some ancient daoist sage. You will find too that you will be well liked if you commit to giving up totally, but this I should not tell you as it might cloud your clean desire to stop worrying about everything.

The ultimate step however, is to get comfortable in giving up. Relax, the blame assigned to you comes from you, and the blame other people assign from you is them blaming themselves for something they see in you. So it’s really nothing to worry about, and you have every reason to relax about it. Don’t worry, every goal you ever gave up on were abstractions of your own mind. You spent countless hours trying to achieve them doing things you did not want, because you thought it would get you closer to that elusive goal. Now you can see that things are much easier than that. You can get to that goal without any effort, its right there in front of you. But this time around your goals are not abstractions but a tangible reality, and you are now totally free to go straight for them. You have after all given up on the superimposed structures of your mind; the invisible pathways you are supposed to travel in order to get there. Now, what is there is really there and is up for grabs and can be taken without ritual, without anxiety, without hesitation. Eat when you are hungry, drink when you are thirsty, you have nothing to worry about.

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  1. If, by giving up, you mean starting over, then I guess you have the right words to describe it. I’m not exactly a fan of giving up. I’ve tried to before but time and again, I would find myself getting back in the game again. In fact, I’ve written a lot of positive stuff about my current healing process. I’m trying to be really positive, this time. I hope you have a good day, sir. 🙂

  2. Being positive is a good idea. Even if we are all screwed we can at least have a good time before everything crashes. On the other hand. if things are going to turn out well, why worry. When you get back in the game, remember that its exactly a game, enjoy it.

  3. It’s called reinventing yourself or taking a new direction. When Captain Kirk found the idea of being beaten by the Kobyashi Maru scenario he changed the program so that it would be possible for him to win. Step back, come at it from a different angle.

    I have Viking blood. I believe in the saying, “Never give up. Never surrender.” Yes, Galaxy Quest. But sometimes you need to take a break so that you can come back at it fresh with a clear mind ready to tackle the project again. Nothing worth achieving is easy as I’m sure you know.

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