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Bebop of Beelzebub

April 28, 2012



Bebop of Beelzebub



Beelzebub dub a dub dub

Troublesome quarrel

Travesty morrow

Take the highroad to go low

Trembadi take it

Trembadi go

That is the show

A city made of gold will never be old

Take the freeway I am told

Rubb a dub dee

What should I see

Racing cars are flashing over grandmothers three

Garbage comes out way

Never to be told,

I am old, I am cold

Bushwax takes hold

Rarely when sold

I am not the am that I think I am

I am Sam

The sister, the mister

Rub a dub dee

Merry go wee

I’m getting tired

I’m getting awake

I energize myself like the father of Jack,

Take that to the track

Eat a snack

Do a hack

Take a stack

Money will come flowing very soon

It’s called Magick what I do

Money is helpful and so it should come

Puppetidim, puppetidom

I will be rich and I will be gone

I will be strong

At least that’s what I think

You fucker, don’t blink

Keep staring at that spell you put out,

Soon the money will follow you

Soon the money will come flying to you

And then you can spell out love or whatever else you like

Or you can do it now, cow

Or you can do it now

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