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The insanity of the sane

May 15, 2012

Now that psychoanalysis is dead, or at least considered totally unrespectable by most of the scientific community, I think it proper to expose some rather speculative ideas on the subject of insanity.  It seems to me that the never-ending struggle against the voices inside your head is the real cause of insanity. I say liberate them!

Courage in the face of your own mind is generally being suppressed as insanity, as abnormal. We are discouraged from talking to ourselves, from listening to the voices inside our heads and making vague incoherent statements about the way we perceive things. Instead we are thought to be clear, objective and restrained. There is also a general antipathy toward playfulness in general; a somewhat guarded approach to the unpredictable dangers of our own minds.

Nevertheless, we know from experience that having imaginary friends is not only common amongst children, but also among some highly accomplished people. The Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess caused some scornful laughs when he revealed that he had a pet piglet called Timotei and that he treated it as a real child. He got away with it though, being fairly old at the time, perhaps he was simply considered senile. Several prominent authors, including James Joyce whom Carl Jung thought was schizophrenic after reading Ulysses, claims to have been inspired by forces outside themselves for inspiration. Homer, Dante, Vergil, Shakespeare and Milton too I guess; all crazies for calling upon their imaginary friends whom they all called muses. Had they been alive today I’m sure some psychiatrist would be screaming from his lungs: “Give them Abilify[1] before this gets out of hand!” John Nash got the Nobel price in Economics and said: “I wouldn’t have had good scientific ideas if I had thought more normally.” He has said, “If I felt completely pressureless I don’t think I would have gone in this pattern” Geez Louise! What a crazy old crackpot! Drug him into normalcy quickly!

Although not too controversial, a large part of the human population have socially accepted imaginary friends like guardian angels, saints and the old triune God himself. Not to say that these are unreal, but they certainly are invisible to the generic nonbeliever. I mean, who’s to say imaginary friends are imaginary anyways, they certainly appear real to some people! So, dear reader, please explore your own insanity before its too late.

Having promoted the dive into insanity, I must give some crucial guidelines.

But not today! Stay tuned for more productive insanity!

[1] You guessed rightly. Abilify is the modern catchall drug for unwanted mental states

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  1. Encouraging some of us to be insane is like suggesting we pour gasoline on an inferno. Sounds fun!

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