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Life imitating pop art or why Metro Bank looks like a Las Vegas casino

May 18, 2012

Metro Bank is a new high street bank operating in the UK promising old-style service in an ultra-modern setting. But, Metro Bank also looks like a Las Vegas casino. For anyone familiarly with the gambling practices of ALL modern banks – recently made obvious by a total market implosion leading us into the present economic depression – the irony is overwhelming.  But hey, at least the interior decorating of Metro Bank communicates something sordidly truthful; that we have now been occupied for real by The Casino Gulag Economic system.

Overall this development is more amusing than terrifying. In fact I hope all banks follow the example of the new casino looking bank. That way there will be no doubt that you are in fact entering the equivalent of a betting shop every time you enter a so called respectable bank.  There will be no confusion anymore, and a run on a casino looking bank will simply be regarded as people taking bets of the table, which it in reality also is.

When even the banking starts imitating the consumerist pop art of the ugly, we have truly entered an area where the seduction of grandiose and stunning architecture now longer does the trick. One might speculate whether this is an art project itself with perverse honesty masquerading as marketing.

(A “Magic Money Machine to the left. Great news for all counterfeiters)




Yes and yes. A bank might as well get down dirty and go straight for the jugular of the impoverished classes it seeks to loot. Lots of light and blinking to attract desperate people suffering from a sever case of the Stockholm Syndrome. It’s finally clear; banking has turned from being the profession of prudent conservative bores, to the profession of used car salesmen with tacky gimmicks and flashing neon lights. I love it.

(Vernon Hill to your left. The co-founder of Metro Bank holding a frightened puppy he’s saving for Lunch. He says: “Go all in, in your local Metro Bank!)

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